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Our job is to give you One thing to think about changing to the positive something in your Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body. We will give you the best in strategies and practices to have an excellent quality of life.


Million Dollar Idea Network
What is the Million Dollar Idea Network?
The Million Dollar Idea Network is the brain child Mr. Charlie Childs Jr.
Mr. Childs is the host of the the Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show now in its 7th year with over 500 episodes with over 55,000 listeners across the country. 

Originally started in May of 2008 as a radio show to review the latest in business and technology. It quickly become a vehicle for Mr. Childs to encourage, motivate, teach and coach about the things of life. "It is not about the money." "It is about having total success in your Spirit, Soul/ Mind and Body." Charlie Childs Jr Drawing on some of the teachings of great originators like Earl Nightingale "The Strangest Secret", Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Effective People". He also takes from his experience of being a residential counselor for children for over 6 yrs a Father for 20+ yrs,

Mr. Childs has over 15yrs, working in the Financial Industry. He has helped 100's of families with Insurance, Business Planning, Education Savings, Real Estate and Wealth Planning.

Mr. Childs is a Christian and teaches Christian concepts about budgeting and life planning and business Mr. Childs is a social media expert that instructs on using cutting edge technology for networking and business expansion. He educates on controlling your media in public. He teaches about being intentional in what you feed your Spirit, Mind/Soul and Body to be successful in life.

Mr. Childs has taken his experience of life and expanded it to MDIN Radio. MDIN Radio will allow Mr. Childs to expand resources for Business, Nonprofits and individuals to utilize for their success. 

MDIN Radio is about helping you get to  Personal Victory.
MDIN Radio is about starting where ever you are right Now!
MDIN Radio is about equipping you with the latest information for Social Media, technology, family relationships and business.
MDIN Radio is about showing how to get the Best Quality of Life
MDIN Radio is about being intentional what you feed your Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body
MDIN Radio is about "Getting you across the finish line, Getting you to the Top of the Mountain, because we are all suppose to win" Charlie Childs Jr.

Join Us Change your Now in to a Beautiful Tomorrow
 The Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show
 The Show in its 7th year with over 500+ episodes and more than 35,000 that have listened. The Host Charlie Childs is here to encourage and equip you to get to the next level in life.    Promo Video Click
  Top Off ( Upbeat Music used in the show)
  Listen to music from the show
  After Lunch Mix  
 Local DJ playing upbeat mix from all genres and eras
 Legacy Wealth

  The Basics in Finance + 1 cup of History + 2 cups of start your own business + a dash of real estate + a teaspoon of protect your assets = Legacy Wealth
 Today in Your Health
  The latest information on healing, supplements, vitamins and excercise to give an excellent quality in Life.
 The Ride Home
 Local DJ playing Upbeat Mix from 80's and 90's
 New Foundations for Families
 The branches of the tree represent all the families that are connected by generations and time. Today the world has changed so much that it is very difficult for whole families (nuclear families) to remain together and promote the family model in to the future.
Our Mission is to magnify and provide tools to sustain and increase the number of nuclear families today.
 The Family Show
 Vibrations 101
   Jazz to relax and new relaxation instruction/ meditation/ visualization
 The CBS Radio Mystery Theater
   CBS Radio Mystery TheaterCBS Radio Mystery Theater was a radio drama series created by Himan Brown that was broadcast on CBS Radio Network affiliates from 1974 to 1982, and later in the early 2000s was carried by the NPR satellite feed.
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