How It Works


Start broadcasting instantly

Go live, record, take callers on-air and more. No downloads. No equipment.

Broadcast from anywhere

All the tools you need to make your voice heard. Host shows from a phone, laptop or studio. Co-host from multiple locations.


Host your show from your phone wherever life finds you.

Use your own studio

Plug in and take advantage of our suite of analytics and connectivity tools. Co-host from multiple locations, bring callers on air and get detailed analytics. Let ZenoLive bring a wider audience to your door.


Engage your audience

Interactive patent-pending platform brings your listeners into the conversation. Get listeners to raise their hand, take a poll, chat the host and more. All with the click of a button on the media player, app or phone.

Promote your show

Send customized images, media files and messages directly to listeners media player, app or phone. SMS and audio message your audience.


Build your audience

Our advanced search tools and recommendation algorithms find listeners who are primed to be fans, and direct them to your show.

Dial-in number

Fans can listen and interact with the show by dialing your dedicated listener line. No smartphones, app or data plan required.

Embeddable media player

Embed the ZenoLive media player across web, social and mobile platforms. Your blog, Twitter, Facebook or webpage fans can get immediate access to your radio show, wherever they interact with you.

SEO Landing Page

A customizable broadcaster page that keeps listeners connected. Helps you feature recorded and upcoming shows. Optimized for SEO and SEM, and ready to share across social media.

Custom mobile app

We build your customized Android app and launch it in the Google Play store.

Free streaming

We can take care of all your hosting and streaming needs at no charge. If you choose to host with us, our reliable, scalable network of servers ensures every listener a seamless experience.



All in one dashboard with real-time data including listener location, device, frequency, duration and more. Track peak listening times and trends for optimal audience management.


The insights you need for program management and smart ad targeting. Crowdfunding integration opportunities available.

Discover shows you love

Find the most popular shows and broadcasters from around the globe. ZenoLive curates the best and delivers them to you.


Join the conversation with the touch of a button. ZenoLive enables you to be part of the show.

Listen anyway you want

Dial in, app or desktop: accessing your favorite stations and media is easier than ever.


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